100m Vision

It was back in 1993, in desperate circumstances I first heard the Lord whisper, ‘The ministry I lead you into will see 100 million souls come into My Kingdom’.  This was both a shock and something it’s taken me 22 years to come to terms with.  Just a couple of weeks later a friend of mine, who knew nothing of my encounter with God, told me he felt God say ‘The ministry the Lord is leading you into is to see 100 million people come to Christ’.  You can imagine how I then felt….

That word and confirmation, even back then started to shape the vision you see unfolding today.

During the years since then, the 100m vision has been fairly consistently in the background as God effectively taught me ministry by creating opportunities to travel on mission trips, help small charities grow, run large events in the UK and over seas and in the last seven years enabled me to join the Executive team at the UK’s largest Christian media ministry, United Christian Broadcasters.

Stepping out of UCB into this faith endeavour, I’ve enquired of God as to what the focus should be, how would this vision be brought together and in simple terms this is what we will attempt to do.

  • The vision is global and will operate over many years.
  • The vision will attempt to draw together a wide collaboration of Partnerships, Evangelists, Churches, Events and Individuals to see people reached for Christ.
  • The vision will use all forms of media.



The vision is simple – To see 100 million people make a decision for Jesus.

In the coming weeks the website will become ‘live’ and hopefully you’ll see a daily increase to the counter on the home page, backed up by evidence of our activity.  We will be very active in reporting all of the meetings, outreaches and mission trips which contribute to the total and will be totally transparent about our successes and failures, so that we all learn what works and what doesn’t when we try to reach people for Christ.

If you would like to follow the progress, sign up to our email newsletter on the home page and we’ll send you a weekly report which will give you an update of what’s happened and what’s coming up.

I’m just a regular little Welshman, with a crazy vision, to be honest I don’t know what will happen from here, but I’m going to give it a go, will you join me?

Every Blessing

Carl Brettle
Founder & CEO


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