When considering 100m and other evangelical projects, I have come to the realisation we measure what's really important to us . Can there be anything more important than tracking, being challenged and encouraged as we hear of people in their ones and twos or indeed 1000's or 10000's giving their lives to following Jesus . This is the wonderful calling of the church.

Steve Clifford
General Director, Evangelical Alliance

100m is a vision born of God, and it's a priveledge to be part of it.

Bob Gass
Author, The Word for Today

Carl Brettle is one of the most visionary and inspirational people I have met. He has the ability to not only see possibilities but to put in the place the necessary building blocks to make things happen. This is all because of the natural and spiritual gifting alive within him. He loves Jesus and is driven by Jesus’ love for the world.

Michael Harvey
Founder, Back to Church Sunday

UCB is delighted to Partner with 100m and it’s vision to see 100 million come to faith in Jesus Christ.  As a Christian Ministry our focus is sharing God’s Word through Media across print, Radio and TV, and is committed to see more people than ever experience the transforming power of God’s Word. This ground breaking initiative helps any ministry quickly focus on what’s important - the eternal question of faith.  I whole heartedly endorse the vision of 100m.

David L'Herroux
UCB Chief Executive